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Asian American Studies Symposium: May 19th

May 10, 2012

Critical Asian American Studies Symposium: Movements and Everyday Practices

Saturday, May 19, 2012

9:00 am – 5:00pm

Communications 126

Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.

In the past thirty years, Asian American Studies (AAS) has witnessed a split. Founded by social activists with a commitment to shaping American citizenship, AAS recently has focused on the movement of Asian communities to the United States after periods of imperial violence. These issues, however, merge in the Asian American subject who is often encouraged to forget imperial violence in order to bolster American exceptionalism abroad.

This symposium explores how Asian Americans have been viewed as imperial subjects and alien “others,” as well as how Asian American social movements have influenced political decisions in the U.S. and abroad. Community members, students and faculty are invited to participate and take part in a discussion on how various movements shape Asian Americans through everyday practices of ethnic performance, resistance, and complicity. How can we understand Asian Americans as embedded and characterized by “movement”?

How can we use histories of movement to trace contemporary imperial formations, as well as issues of sexism, classism, and racism?

Join this symposium of interdisciplinary panels focused on fostering community-academic discussions and collaborations. Topics include: Asian American Movements; Race, Bioethics, and Health Inequities; and Education Activism in the Pacific Northwest.

Panelists include:

Rick Bonus (American Ethnic Studies, UW Seattle)

Henry Yu (History, University of British Columbia)

Cathy Tashiro (Nursing, UW Tacoma)

Anjali Truiit (Institute for Public Health Genetics, UW Seattle)

Yong Chan Miller (Asian and Pacific Islander Freedom School)

Mitra Dhita (International Rescue Committee and Asian Counseling & Referral Services)

Mel Kang (Seattle area activist and retired labor attorney)

Mia Tuan (Education Studies, University of Oregon)

Frieda Takamura (Comission on Asian Pacific American Affairs)

Ay Saechao (Chair & Co-Founder of the Southeast Asian American Access in Education Coalition)

Please RSVP to patter

Sponsored by the Asian American Studies Research Collective Graduate Interest Group and the Simpson Center for the Humanities.




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