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Happy Holidays from the UW Women’s Center

December 21, 2011
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Happy Holidays
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Know that in the UW Women’s Center, we are celebrating you this Holidays Season!
In this season of giving thanks, we are mindful of how much we have to be grateful for because of the generosity of our supporters. Those gifts have allowed us to further empower women by providing access to educational, professional and personal resources.

Because of your continued support, the Women’s Center:

  • provided 100 underrepresented youth with educational resources and opportunities in our Making Connections program. Offering tutoring, mentoring, educational and career trainings, and college application and scholarship help.
  • for the fifth year in a row, had 100% of our Making Connections graduates go onto a two-year or four-year College! Other comparable programs graduation rates are 60%.
  • offered our first annual N.E.W. (National Education for Women’s) Leadership of Puget Sound Institute to 20 undergraduate women. Teaching college women the value of civic engagement and encouraging them to see themselves as empowered leaders who can effectively participate in politics and public policy. In 2012 we will be increasing our institute participation by over 50%!
  • formed an Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce who are focusing on researching and mapping the use of trafficked labor with a particular interest on the demand side of the problem. Through partnership with the business community, the Task Force is poised to gather real and specialized data to support education, influence policy, and increase public awareness around the state.
  • offered regular training on violence prevention and self-defense in partnership with a variety of campus organizations through our Gender Equity & Violence Prevention program.
  • advised over 300 women and men in more than 1,200 sessions, who considered returning to school after a significant time away. Many of our program participants have lost jobs, been through a divorce or lost a loved one, requiring them to seek a new field.
  • held low-cost continuing education classes, workshops, and lectures each year geared toward helping individuals achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals. Courses include SAT, ACT, & GRE Preparation, Math Anxiety, Study Skills, and Self Defense.

Thank you for making it possible for us to continue our work of empowering women, year after year. Though our staff stands at the heads of our programs; you are the ones who take action and support the Women’s Center’s efforts, resulting in more women and girls being provided the necessary tools to be successful leaders in our community. You are making the difference!

THANK YOU and Happy Holidays,

from the UW Women’s Center Staff

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Women’s Center at the University of Washington | P.O.Box 353070 | Seattle | WA | 98195


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