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Planning Meeting: Week of 12/12

November 22, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Jenelle, Anand, and myself attended a meeting with the other affinity group leaders this morning and have some information we would like to discuss with you all. Additionally, we need to check in for our Spring Potluck Planning as well as our Research Seminar this winter.

Please use this doodle poll to give your availability for the week of 12/12. We will do our best to choose a time that works for everyone:

Additionally, we need volunteers for the Spring Potluck in May. This is a bit early, but we would love people to sign up for the following areas:

  • Decorations (Table covers, center pieces, etc)
    • Sue Ann Huang
    • Adelia Yee
  • Complementary Food (APIAFSA provides)
    • Adelia Yee
  • Sign-In/Registration (catalyst RSVP collecting reservations (names and email addresses), checking people in register red or not)
    • Suki Kwon
  • Speaker/Entertainment (possibly one or the other)
    • Melissa Sinclair (Asking Kenyon Chan)
  • Raffle Prizes
    • Cynthia del Rosario
  • Music
    • Karen Johnson (looking into stereo system)
  • Set up
    • Adelia Yee
    • Noell Bernard-Kingsley
  • Clean up
    • Noell Bernard-Kingsley
  • Marketing (How to get the word out to the campus community, advertising)
    • Sue Ann Huang

Thank you!

Asian & Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association at the University of Washington

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We are calling all faculty and staff at the University of Washington who are interested in participating in this group! Our membership is open, free, and we encourage you to participate!

We need to hear your ideas about what you would like this group to provide to you!

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