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Notes from APIAFSA Meeting on 11/3 at 4 pm

November 8, 2011

Notes from APIAFSA Meeting on 11/3 at 4 pm

  1. Brown Bag Lunch
    1. November 9, 12 – 1:30 pm in UW Club South Dining Room
    2. This will be a casual lunch, no specific topics discussed
    3. Non-members of the UW Club can put their lunches on Jenelle Ebisu’s tab and just pay cash or check that day
  2. API Research Seminar
    1. January 26, 12 – 1:30 pm in UW Club Conference Room
    2. This seminar will highlight emerging API scholars, ideally they would be working on topics related to APIs.
    3. Shirley Hune has agreed to moderate this event
    4. Anand will work on acquiring speakers??
    5. Will possibly have coffee and cookies available – dependent on budget
  1. APIAFSA Happy Hour
    1. February 22, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
    2. Location: Chiang’s Gourmet

7845 Lake City Way NE
(between N 12th Ave & 78th St)
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 527-8888

    1. Chiang’s does have beer and wine and we hope to provide some appetizers – dependent upon budget
  1. Spring Potluck
    1. May 9, 12 – 1:30 pm in Social Work Commons (max capacity 120)
    2. Committee Breakdown:

i)        Decorations

ii)      Complimentary Food

iii)    Sign in and Registration

(1)   Possible card swipe at registration? If so, we will let people know that they will be automatically signed up for our mailman list

iv)    Speaker or Entertainment

(1)   Melissa from UWB will ask Kenyon Chan if he is interested in speaking

v)      Raffle prizes

vi)    Music

vii)  Photographer – Jenelle’s husband has agreed to be the unofficial photographer at all events except brown bag lunches

viii)            Set up and clean up

  1. Treasurer and Budget
    1. Adelia has agreed to be Treasurer since she has access to budgets and a Procard
    2. We have $750 for the entire year
    3. This amount does not roll over – so we need to spend all of it
    4. This year we would like to spend it on:

i.      Swag (including creating logo) – $ ???

ii.      Refreshments for API Seminar ~ $60

iii.      Appetizers for Happy Hour ~ $150

iv.      Spring potluck (including food and decorations) ~ $350

  1. Administration of mailman
    1. Adelia, Suki and Cynthia will have administrative abilities on the mailman listserv.  Cynthia will update the mailman to allow for an automated email sent to each new member of the listserv
  2. Logo and Swag
    1. We will send out an email asking if anyone is interested in creating a logo for the APIAFSA Group
    2. With this logo, we would purchase some swag to use as gifts for speakers, entertainers

i.      Cynthia will research companies for the swag

  1. UWB
    1. Kiana and Melissa from UWB were in attendance
    2. We will work to include faculty and staff from all three UW campuses in our events

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