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Call for Input and Volunteers: Logo and Spring Potluck Committees!

November 8, 2011


We had a great meeting last week! Thanks to everyone who came!

There are notes on the meeting here:

Per the meeting, we are looking for some volunteers!


We are looking for an APIAFSA logo! If you are someone you know are interested in helping us design a logo, please step forward! APIAFSA needs a logo, and we would love to have someone in our community design one for us. We will use this logo to brand all of our stuff! =)


We need volunteers for our Spring Potluck! Please respond to this email to sign up for one of the committees:


-Complementary Food



-Raffle Prizes


-Set up/Clean up


Get involved with APIAFSA! Join the mailman list:

Find us on

Find us on

Also, you can view our blog here for the latest information:

You can subscribe to our blog via email using a tool on the blog side bar. Or, you can subscribe to our RSS feed if you use a reader program (like google reader):

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